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The GZDW series of microcomputer-controlled DC screens are suitable for substations, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, electrified railways and high-rise buildings of different voltage levels, and can be used as operating power and control power for high-voltage switches, relay protection and automatic devices. The system adopts an integrated design idea and is composed of a monitoring module, a rectifier module, an insulation monitoring module, a battery inspection module, a switch monitoring module, and a buck module. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable configuration, intelligent measurement and control, and easy operation. It can communicate with the host computer and conveniently realize the four remote functions of “telemetry, remote control, remote signaling, and remote adjustment”. It is an ideal unattended DC power supply device.

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♦ Two channels of AC input are automatically switched to ensure the normal operation of the system;
♦ Ultra-wide voltage input range, strong power grid applicability, can be used in relatively harsh environments.
♦ Adopt high-frequency switching power supply technology, modular design, N+1 hot backup, high reliability;
♦ The rectifier module is hot-swappable with electricity, online maintenance, convenient and fast;
♦ The charging module adopts the latest international switch technology, with high conversion efficiency and low electromagnetic interference.
♦ Hardware low-difference independent current sharing technology, the output current imbalance between modules is typically ±3%.
♦ LCD monitor, touch screen, color touch screen can be used for monitoring, large screen graphic display, friendly and rich interface, simple and convenient operation;
♦ Monitoring Real-time comprehensive monitoring and control of the system operation can be carried out, system settings, information inquiries can be carried out, and the four remote functions of “telemetry, remote control, remote signaling, remote adjustment” can also be implemented on the system through background monitoring and remote monitoring to achieve unattended operation ;
♦ Monitoring can automatically manage the battery voltage, charge and discharge current and battery temperature compensation accurately, with over and under voltage, over temperature alarm and fault alarm to ensure that the battery works in the best state and extend the battery life;
♦ With manual and automatic voltage regulation function and branch insulation detection function;
♦ Reliable lightning protection and high insulation protection measures to ensure system and personal safety;
♦ Provide RS232, RS485 two communication interfaces, and RTU, CDT, MODBUS three communication protocol options;
♦ Equipped with expansion interface to connect with other external devices;


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