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  • LVMV Switchgear Ultimate Guide

    Switchgear refers to an amalgamation of electrical switching devices whose function is to switch, control, meter, regulate, isolate, and protect electrical circuits and equipment. Some of the products encompassed within the switchgear include switches, circuit breakers, switch fuse units, contra...
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  • MV switchgear up to and including 52 kV

    Up to and including 52 kV voltage range is generally referred to as “medium voltage”. This technical article shed some light on a few devices you are likely to spot in most of the medium voltage switchgears. But, before diving into technical details, it’s a good idea to remind ourselves of import...
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  • Switchgear: A Necessity for Power Distribution

    Electricity is an important part of our life. However, when it comes to electricity distribution, it needs to be done in a safe and secure manner. It entails several handling hazards, which, when not done safely, can easily turn into a deadly trap. There are times when accidents and mishaps happe...
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  • 15 procedures of high voltage electrical equipment trip operation

    1. The operation of power failure should be in accordance with the order of switch, load side knife gate, and power source side knife gate. The reverse operation of power transmission should be carried out in the reverse order to prevent closing the knife gate under load. 2. If a power failure op...
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  • The difference between ring net cabinet, inflatable cabinet and solid cabinet

    The difference between ring net cabinet, inflatable cabinet and solid cabinet

    Ring network cabinet: also known as HXGN, XGN15-12. Originally referred to as a switchgear used in a ring-shaped distribution network, because of its simple structure, a combination of load switch and fuse is commonly used. Later, as long as you see such a switch approved ring network cabinet.   ...
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