Box Substation

  • YB-12/0.4(F·R)Outdoor prefabricated substation (European style)

    YB-12/0.4(F·R)Outdoor prefabricated substation (European style)

    Widely used in urban power grid transformation, residential areas, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining, hotels, shopping malls, airports railway, oil fields, wharves, highways and temporary power facilities and other indoor/outdoor places.
  • ZGS13-H American prefabricated box-type substation

    ZGS13-H American prefabricated box-type substation

    Overview This product is developed by absorbing the latest advanced technology from abroad and combining with the actual situation in China. The whole product has the characteristics of small size, easy installation and maintenance, low noise, low loss, anti-theft, strong overload capacity, and full protection. It is suitable for new residential areas, green belts, parks, station hotels, construction sites, airports and other places. ZGS13-H series American prefabricated box-type substation ...
  • YBD-12/0.4 buried box substation

    YBD-12/0.4 buried box substation

    Overview YBD-12/0.4 series buried box type substation (referred to as buried box transformer) is a new generation of box type transformer developed on the basis of fully studying and discussing the construction and management of modern cities. The main part or all of it is buried underground, covers a small area, gavel to not occupy an area, the visual effect is very good, effectively solves the contradiction between urban land use tension and urban management, the product and the surrounding...