Cable Distribution Box

  • ZYDFW American cable distribution box

    ZYDFW American cable distribution box

    Overview The American cable distribution box produced by our company, with its excellent performance, standardized design and beautiful appearance, is widely used in cable engineering equipment in cable distribution network system. It is generally recognized in various places, such as major industrial parks, residential areas, urban densely populated areas, commercial centers and high-rise buildings. It is characterized by one-way open door, transverse multi-pass bus row, with small width, fl...
  • ZYDFW-12 cable distribution box (outdoor switchgear)

    ZYDFW-12 cable distribution box (outdoor switchgear)

    Overview ZYDFW-12 series outdoor ring cabinets are developed and produced by the company according to the characteristics of distribution network in various regions of China and the actual situation of cable transformation of urban distribution network. ZYDFW-12 series outdoor ring net cabinet adopts SKR-12/24 series SF6 fully sealed fully insulated ring net switchgear. the switchgear has the advantages of modularization, expandable, fully insulated, fully sealed, safe, reliable and maintena...
  • ZYDFW European-style cable distribution box

    ZYDFW European-style cable distribution box

    Overview European-style cable distribution box is widely used in power distribution network system in recent years cable engineering equipment, its main characteristics are two-way open door, using butt casing as the connecting bus row, with small length, clear cable arrangement, three-core cable does not need long span cross and other significant advantages. he cable joints used meet the DIN47636 standards. Generally use rated current 630 A bolt fixed connection type cable connector. Model m...