• Three-phase electric ac/dc on-grid solar pv combiner box With Mppt Solar Charge Controlle

    Three-phase electric ac/dc on-grid solar pv combiner box With Mppt Solar Charge Controlle

    Material: PC/SMC/Steel
    Size: Customized Size
    Protection Level: IP66
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang
    Model Number: SHLX-BL
    Package: Standard Carton
    Application: Solar System
    Standard: International Standards
    Keyword: Solar grid-connected system
    Product name: DC/AC on-grid combiner box
    Rated current: 32A/63A/80A/100A/125A/200A/225A/250A
    Dimensions and components can be customized
  • TBBZ high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device

    TBBZ high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device

    TBBZ series of high voltage reactive power automatic compensation devices according to the power grid and load condition of the 6 KV 、10KV supply bus, through the control system capacitor bank automatic tracking switching, the reactive power automatic tracking compensation, the power factor of more than 0.9. Greatly optimize the power quality, save loss and reduce consumption, improve the transmission capacity of transmission and distribution system.

    TBBZ10-1500(600+:900)- AK represents a voltage of 10 kV, the device capacity is 1500 kvar, divided into two groups of automatic switching, a group of 600 groups of 900 single star wiring, open triangular voltage protection.
  • ZYBWG PV grid-connected cabinets

    ZYBWG PV grid-connected cabinets

    The photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet is suitable for power distribution systems such as ground centralized, ground string, ground distributed and other power users with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 380V, and rated working current of 2000A. The purpose of conversion, distribution and control.
    The product has the characteristics of high breaking capacity, good dynamic thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, strong practicability, novel structure and high protection level. It can be used as a replacement product for low-voltage switchgear.
    Type AC low-voltage distribution cabinet meets the standards of IEC439 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment", GB7251 "Low-voltage switchgear".
  • ZYBWX PV confluence grid box Overview

    ZYBWX PV confluence grid box Overview

    The ZYBWX PV AC confluence box is an important part of the series inverter and AC distribution cabinet or booster transformer, which adopts circuit breaker input, circuit breaker or load isolating switch, two-stage lightning protection after bus confluence. The rated voltage of the system is the highest AC690V. protection grade and the same stage of the series inverter IP65. meet the requirements of outdoor installation. This product greatly simplifies the connection between the group series inverter and the AC distribution cabinet or the booster transformer. The internal structure of this product is simple and clear, and the wiring is neat and reasonable. high reliability and simple maintenance. Outdoor wall mounted installation, can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment. In addition to standard material and size, can be customized according to user requirements.
  • ZYJP integrated distribution box (compensation/control/terminal/lighting)

    ZYJP integrated distribution box (compensation/control/terminal/lighting)

    Overview ZYJP series outdoor integrated distribution box, is a collection of metering, outlet line, reactive power compensation and other functions in one to achieve outdoor integrated distribution device, with short circuit, overload, overvoltage, leakage protection and other functions, small size, beautiful appearance, economical and practical, installed on the pole of transformer on outdoor column, is a new generation of ideal distribution products for urban and rural power grid transforma...
  • ZYDFW American cable distribution box

    ZYDFW American cable distribution box

    Overview The American cable distribution box produced by our company, with its excellent performance, standardized design and beautiful appearance, is widely used in cable engineering equipment in cable distribution network system. It is generally recognized in various places, such as major industrial parks, residential areas, urban densely populated areas, commercial centers and high-rise buildings. It is characterized by one-way open door, transverse multi-pass bus row, with small width, fl...
  • YB-12/0.4(F·R)Outdoor prefabricated substation (European style)

    YB-12/0.4(F·R)Outdoor prefabricated substation (European style)

    Widely used in urban power grid transformation, residential areas, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining, hotels, shopping malls, airports railway, oil fields, wharves, highways and temporary power facilities and other indoor/outdoor places.
  • SM6-40.5 fully enclosed fully insulated inflatable ring network switchgear

    SM6-40.5 fully enclosed fully insulated inflatable ring network switchgear

    Overview The SM6-40.5 series ring network cabinet provides 10 standard combination forms, which can meet the application requirements of most 36~40.5kV distribution networks. SM6-40.5 is a compact switchgear that can provide almost any combination of selected functional units. The SM6-40.5 series has an interface and a user interface, providing a complete switch application solution in the 36~40.5kV secondary distribution network. The interior of the stainless steel gas chamber of the SM6-40....
  • DTU-900 Distribution Automation Station Terminal

    DTU-900 Distribution Automation Station Terminal

    Overview DTU-900 distribution automation terminal is a new generation of products developed for ring network cabinets, switchgears and other places that are more and more widely used at present. It uses a new high-voltage switch control that combines high-speed sampling chips and 32-bit high-speed control chips The device can quickly and steadily complete the monitoring of the high-voltage switch. It integrates protection, measurement, control, monitoring, communication, sports and other func...
  • GZDW microcomputer DC screen

    GZDW microcomputer DC screen

    Overview The GZDW series of microcomputer-controlled DC screens are suitable for substations, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, electrified railways and high-rise buildings of different voltage levels, and can be used as operating power and control power for high-voltage switches, relay protection and automatic devices. The system adopts an integrated design idea and is composed of a monitoring module, a rectifier module, an insulation monitoring module, a battery inspection mo...
  • KYN28A-12 armored removable enclosed switchgear

    KYN28A-12 armored removable enclosed switchgear

    Overview KYN28A-12 type indoor AC metal armor medium-mounted switchgear. The utility model is suitable for three-phase AC rated voltage 12 kV, rated frequency 50 Hz power system for receiving and distributing electric energy and controlling, protecting and monitoring circuits. Meeting the criteria: GB3906-2006《3.6〜40.5kV AC Metal Closed Switchgear and Control Equipment General Technical Conditions for GB11022-89《 High Voltage Switchgear IEC298(1990)《 rated voltage 1 kV above 50 kV an...
  • Three Box Series

    Three Box Series

    Level 1 power cabinet Secondary distribution box  Three-level distribution box  ZYMJ lighting distribution box  Stainless steel meter box  ZYDFW floor type cable branch box   Three-phase four-position electric energy metering box  Single-phase two-meter electric energy metering box (state grid model) Three-phase two-meter electric energy metering box (with CT state grid model)  ZYDFW floor type cable branch box Wall-mounted cable branch box  Control box ZYMJ  Power lighti...
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