YB □ -12/0.315~0.69(PV) Special Box Change

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It is widely used in a series of energy generation systems, such as centralized, series and distributed new energy sources.

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 Functions and Features

♦ Trinity of high-voltage switchgear, transformer and low-voltage switchgear, with strong completeness;
♦ Perfect high and low voltage protection, safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance;
♦ Occupy less land, save investment, short production cycle, easy to move;
♦ Flexible wiring scheme;
♦ Unique structure: unique honeycomb structure double-layer (aluminum-zinc-coated) outer shell is firm, heat insulation and heat dissipation and ventilation, beautiful, high protection level, outer shell materials are stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cold-rolled plate, color steel plate;
♦ Various types: general-purpose, villa-type, compact and other styles;
♦ The box transformer has an integrated measurement and control device to achieve short-circuit and single-phase ground faults, and reliable detection of fault collection. It has a “four remote” function, which is convenient for automatic upgrade of distribution networks.

Normal operating conditions

♦ Altitude does not exceed 2000m;
♦ Ambient temperature: -25℃ ~+40℃;
♦ Relative humidity: daily average value is not greater than 95%, monthly average value is not greater than 90%;
♦ Installation place: There is no fire, explosion hazard, conductive dust, chemical corrosive gas and violent vibration. If the above conditions are exceeded, the user can negotiate with our company.

Implementation criteria

♦ This product meets the following standards:
♦ GB/T17467-1998 “High Voltage / Low Voltage Prefabricated Substation”
♦ DL/T537-93 “Technical conditions for ordering 6-35kV box-type substation”

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