TBBZ high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device

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TBBZ series of high voltage reactive power automatic compensation devices according to the power grid and load condition of the 6 KV 、10KV supply bus, through the control system capacitor bank automatic tracking switching, the reactive power automatic tracking compensation, the power factor of more than 0.9. Greatly optimize the power quality, save loss and reduce consumption, improve the transmission capacity of transmission and distribution system.

TBBZ10-1500(600+:900)- AK represents a voltage of 10 kV, the device capacity is 1500 kvar, divided into two groups of automatic switching, a group of 600 groups of 900 single star wiring, open triangular voltage protection.

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 Normal operating conditions

♦ Altitude: ≤ 2000m;
♦ Ambient temperature: -25 ~ +55℃:
♦ Relative humidity: no more than 85%:
♦ No explosive medium is allowed in the operating place. The surrounding medium should not contain corrosive and insulation-damaging gas and conductive medium. It is not allowed to be full of water vapor and serious mold.

Product characteristics

♦ The device can run for a long time under a steady overvoltage of 1.1 times the rated working voltage:
♦ The device can run continuously under the over-current that the root mean square value does not exceed 1.3 times the rated current of the capacitor bank:
♦ The device adopts vacuum contactor for switching, which can be operated frequently;
♦ Each group of capacitors is equipped with a discharge coil, and the residual voltage can be reduced to less than 50V within 5 seconds;
♦ Each group of capacitors can be protected by a relay or a microcomputer protection control unit to achieve overcurrent, voltage imbalance, undervoltage and overvoltage protection of the capacitor bank. When a group of capacitors fails, the capacitors in this group can be cut off without affecting the use of other capacitors
♦ A single capacitor is protected by spraying fuse, each group is equipped with a surge arrester to protect against overvoltage and lightning overvoltage:
♦ Large-screen LCD display controller, real-time display system voltage, current, power factor; with RS232/RS485 standard communication interface, and can realize the “four remote” function:
♦ Each group can be equipped with reactor to suppress closing inrush current or harmonic amplification.

Main technical parameters

♦ Rated voltage: 6-10kV;
♦ Rated frequency: 50Hz;
♦ Rated capacity: 100-10000kvar;
♦ Number of groups: 1-5 groups;
♦ Parameter selection of reactor: suppress the closing inrush current, the reactance rate is 0.1-1%; suppress the harmonic above 5 times, the reactance rate is 6%; suppress the harmonic above 3 times, the reactance rate is 12%

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