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GGJ low voltage reactive power intelligent compensation device adopts computer aided design (CAD), introduces microcomputer control, and carries out intelligent tracking compensation for reactive power quantity. its structure is reasonable, the technology is first applied, and it is widely used in low voltage power grid to improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss and improve power supply quality. reactive power compensation for 130-600 KVA three-phase transformers.

Model meaning


Use of environmental conditions

♦ altitude: w 2000m;
♦ ambient temperature :-20 fence ~+45 C;
♦ relative humidity: W90%; at 20 C
♦ installation environment: no harmful gas and steam, no conductive or explosive dust particles and serious mold.

Main features

♦ Adopt intelligent controller control, complete functions, reliable performance, automatic compensation mode: can increase the power factor to more than 0.9:
♦ Real-time display of grid power factor, display range: lag (0.00-0.99), lead (0.00-0.99):
♦ It has multiple comprehensive protection functions such as over-voltage, over-harmonic, over-compensation, system failure, phase loss, overload, etc.;
♦ Remember the set parameters, and the system will not lose the parameters after power failure. After the power grid returns to normal, it will automatically enter the running state without personnel on duty:
♦ According to the load balance of the power grid, split-phase compensation or mixed compensation can be adopted;
♦ Strong anti-interference ability, able to resist 2000V interference pulses directly input from the power grid, which is higher than the national professional standards. 

Main technical parameters

♦ Rated voltage: 0.38-0.66kV;
♦ Rated frequency: 50Hz;
♦ Rated capacity: 1-600kvar;
♦ Applicable voltage range: (0.85-1.1) times rated voltage;
♦ Maximum allowable current: 1.3 times rated current;
♦ Control circuit: 1-1 6 circuit;
♦ Switching time: 1-150S/time, adjustable;
♦ Working mode: automatic, continuous operation.

Detection of Distribution Grid

♦ Real-time measurement and whole-point recording of the three-phase voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, active power, and reactive power of the low-voltage side of the transformer: total distortion rate of voltage and current and 2-25th harmonic content;
♦ It has RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, which can be used to copy data from the handheld computer, and can also realize wireless meter reading, device testing, parameter setting, and reading of real-time measurement data and record data through the remote communication function;
♦ Data analysis function: It can analyze and process the running load data and statistical query; comprehensively analyze the power supply quality, calculate the voltage qualification rate, power supply load rate, reliability rate and maximum load rate; query the power factor, active power and reactive power by period ; Draw the voltage, current, power factor and other curves of each phase: print comprehensive analysis and statistical reports.

Dimensions and installation

GGJ 01

Examples of Device System Principles

GGJ 02

Order Notes

1. Main circuit scheme diagram;
2. Compensation capacity and compensation method;
3. If it does not conform to the normal use conditions of the product, it must be explained in advance.

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