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ZYBWX lightning protection confluence box is to combine the DC input confluence of up to 24 channels photovoltaic battery pack string into one or more output, each circuit is equipped with fuse wire, and the transmission line is equipped with lightning protector and circuit breaker, which greatly simplifies the input wiring of DC distribution cabinet and inverter. Provide lightning protection, short circuit protection and grounding protection. The confluence box is divided into two types: intelligent and non-intelligent. The intelligent lightning protection confluence box is equipped with a confluence monitoring unit, which can monitor the current input from each photovoltaic cell string, the aggregate transmission voltage, the temperature in the box and the state of the lightning protector, the state of the circuit breaker, etc.

The internal arrangement of the device is simple and clear, and the wiring is neat and reasonable. high reliability and simple maintenance. Outdoor wall mounted installation, can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment. In addition to the relevant core components, others can be customized according to user requirements.

Electrical technical parameters

Product number ZYBWX24 ZYBWX16 ZYBWX12 ZYBWX8
Input number 17-24 13-16 8~12 8 channels or less
Input voltage 1000VDC
Each input current 0-20A
Maximum output current 250A 160A/200A 100A/125A/160A Below 100A
Input waterproof terminal size PG9/PG11/MC4
Input and waterproof terminal size PG21-PG32 PG19-PG25 PG16-PG21 PG13.5-PG19
Monitoring module Detect each current, bus voltage, circuit breaker status, lightning protector status, cabinet temperature (optional)
Communication method/protocol RS485 bus/standard MODBUS-RTU protocol   
Anti-reverse function Equipped with modular package anti-reverse diode (optional)   
Temperature and humidity Working temperature: -40~+85℃, humidity 95%, no condensation, no corrosive gas   
altitude ≤4000m
Monitoring module power consumption When working ≤8W
Auxiliary power Auxiliary power supply: AC85V~265V/DC24V( ± 10%) / DC200V-1000V
Cabinet material Hot dip galvanized steel sheet/stainless steel/cold rolled steel sheet/engineering plastic
Protection level IP65
Volume (width X height X depth) 850mm x 500mm x 200mm 800mm x 500mm x 180mm 720mm x 500mm x 180mm 630mm x 500mm x 180mm
weight 10~35kg   

 Functional characteristics

♦ The protection grade of the junction box reaches IP65, with waterproof, ash-proof, rust-proof, and salt-spray-proof to meet the requirements of outdoor installation;
♦ Can connect up to 24 battery strings at the same time;
♦ The positive and negative poles of each battery string are equipped with special photovoltaic fuses to protect the component string from failure. The fuse base and fuses are used together to reduce the owner’s later maintenance costs and effectively protect the personal safety of maintenance personnel;
♦ The special high-voltage lightning protector for photovoltaic can protect the positive pole and the negative pole of the busbar after the convergence, and the continuous working power (Uc) can reach 1000VDC; the power module in the junction box can be connected to the photovoltaic voltage of up to 1000DCV;
♦ The combiner box measurement and control module uses reliable Honeywell Hall elements (DC CT sensors) to collect and monitor the current and bus voltage of each PV string, alarm and local fault location, and can Temperature measurement, status detection of lightning protector and output circuit breaker, etc.;
♦ The monitoring module in the combiner box has a digital display function, which can display the current of each component string, the bus voltage, the temperature in the combiner box, the status of the circuit breaker surge protector, the system power and the device address on the device;
♦ With RS485/MODBUS-RTU serial communication;
♦ Lightning protection is provided with the external interface;
♦ Can receive the parameter download of the local monitoring device for analysis and processing;
♦ The working power of the combiner box can be selected from the external 220VAC/DC or the power supply provided by the combiner box itself. If the combiner box itself is used to provide power supply, there is no need for separate wiring for power supply on site

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